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Voice Over Services

One of the aspects I love most about voice over is the sheer variety! I’ve recorded romantic poetry and a bitcoin video narration in the same morning and it’s wonderful. Clients from all corners of the globe choose my neutral, smooth voice for their projects;

Corporate Narration

TV  and Radio Commercials




Anything else!


My voice has been described as quite corporate and I do enjoy that style of script, along with eLearning and commercial. I’d say I’m pretty adaptable but you be the judge. Click below to hear my demo collection.

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00:00 / 01:25
00:00 / 01:39
00:00 / 04:10
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00:00 / 01:33
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About me...

A former journalist, I discovered a passion for vocal communication in my home city of Sheffield. Hanging around the local BBC and commercial radio stations, making a likeable nuisance of myself! At one point I was writing news copy during the day and then lining up callers on a radio phone-in at night. Those halcyon days when sleep was for the tired! Gosh, I loved those times. By my late 20’s, the capital city was beckoning and an opportunity to work at the donut – BBC television centre. Eight years of ‘pinch me’ moments there! I started out as a continuity announcer or ‘gob on a stick’ as we were known and moved into network directing where I spent many years on BBC channels and then commercial telly.


In 2019 I took voluntary redundancy and my home voice over booth was born! Being able to produce quality voice overs from home has become essential and I love it -  just me, my microphone and your script!


Request a sample read

Like a sample recording of your script before you order?

No problem!

Receiving a short read of a script often provides that final ‘cement’.

Drop me a message any time.

Some words from my loyal and lovely clients...

Working with Susie is an absolute pleasure; She is an extraordinary voice talent who exemplifies integrity, professionalism, and an unwavering delivery of exceptional quality.

Alinane Kalonga, Talent coordinator | Matinee Multilingual

Get in Touch

+44 (0)7969 545803

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